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Counseling for parents, raising

neurodivergent  and disabled children.

Online Therapy  for California Residents


8 Week Support Groups

Support groups will focus on the experiences of parents of neurodivergent and children with disabilities as they navigate the many challenges and surprises along the way. 

You don't have to walk the journey alone.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with others on a similar journey and gain valuable tools for personal growth.

Location: Online

Cost: $20 per session

When: Wednesdays

Time: 6pm to 7:30 pm





Week One: Introduction to Program and Cohort

                Getting to know one another and the program

                      Setting initial goals and expectations

                                     Discussion & Activity


Week Two:

Reflecting on our expectations as parents & embracing the child we have.

Identifying what has worked and what hasn’t in parenting your child


Week Three:

Tantrums, shutdowns, meltdowns, and other emotional outbursts

How do we handle emotional overwhelm in the moment?

How do we reduce emotional overwhelm in the long-term?


Week Four:

Navigating sibling needs

and regulation for you and your family


Week Five:

Coping with the social challenges that your child faces

What are my feelings, and how do I deal with them when my child tells me they are lonely?

How do I accept that my child does not want to make friends or has no friends?


Week Six:

Parent-burnout prevention & recovery and finding/building your support team

 How to develop a support system that supports you.

Learn to set boundaries with people who are not supportive or helpful.


Week Seven:

What I can and cannot control (activity and discussion)


Week Eight:

Time for reflection on your goals and expectations

Questions, Resources

Revisit any information from the last eight weeks

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