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Counseling for parents, raising

neurodivergent  and disabled children.

Online Therapy  for California Residents



Parents and Individual Therapy

 Individual sessions are $120 for a 50-minutes session

Parenting a child with disabilities can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed most of the time. Are you concerned about your child's social connections, the possibility of them being targeted by bullies, or spending excessive time in isolation? Do you find yourself worrying about your child's future and their capacity for independent functioning?


 This isn’t something you have to handle all by yourself.   Together, we will create goals and find and nurture the strengths within you to cope with the daily challenges that arise.   


Couples Therapy

Couple sessions are $130 for 90 minutes session.

Having kids can put a strain on most relationships, but when you have a child or children with disabilities, that strain can sometimes feel greater. Having a child with disabilities gives any relationship huge challenges, and requires an extraordinary amount of dedication and hard work from both parties. 


Getting outside help, such as counseling, can also be incredibly beneficial and definitely nothing to be ashamed of.


Support Groups 

 Support group sessions are $20 for a 90-minutes session

Support Group will focus on the experiences of parents and caregivers of neurodivergent and children with disabilities as they navigate the many challenges and surprises along the way. I believe groups can be a very powerful tool to help others feel witnessed and connected as they share their challenges and triumphs and practice skills with one another

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with others on a similar journey and gain valuable tools for personal growth.


Adolescents & Teens

 Individual sessions are $120 for a 50-minutes session

Many adolescents and teens with disabilities feel different, lonely, or have difficulty understanding social cues. Making or keeping friends can be challenging.  Struggling with anxiety and depression can be common.


 I can support your child in their journey towards thriving, 

and feeling comfortable with who they are.

Support Groups
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